Personal injury law overhaul foreseen as part of technology revolution

07/29/2015 19:56

Personal injury lawyers might see dramatic shifts in their business in the next five to ten years as driverless cars cut out the role of human error in accidents and as law-makers consider new approaches to liability, according to experts.

The involvement of human error in 90 per cent of fatal car crashes is seen as a major reason why the advent of self-driving vehicles is expected to produce a far safer environment on the roads, according to experts featuring in the launch issue of Robotics Law Journal. Eric Turkewitz of New York personal injury firm Turkewitz concludes that ‘the need for my services as a personal injury attorney will be reduced'.

Accident liability
Meanwhile, Luis Franco of Perez-Llorca believes that lawmakers will need to consider the significant changes produced by the new environment. He writes: 'In addition to legalising the use of such vehicles, legislators will be handed the task of considering the implications of accident liability and, in accordance with these new terms, insurance regulations will also have to be adapted.'

OECD input
In the second issue of the Journal, the International Transport Forum at the OECD will discuss its views of how regulation on the road will need to develop. Driverless cars will be a major theme of Robotics Law Journal.